The foundation was established on April 22, 2005 and for the first twelve years it operated under the name -”Latvian Community Initiative Foundation”. The initial goal of the foundation was to foster the creation of community centers and to support NGOs active in the fields of sports, education, health, culture and integration. During these years the foundation collected 1 400 000 Euros in donations and supported more than 300 NGOs throughout the regions of Latvia.

A great number of various projects were supported during these years creating a colorful bouqet of realized community initiatives. Among them were Livani „Baltā māja,” providing everyday support to children with disabilities, obtaining of Nordic walking sets for seniors, obtaining of traditional costumes to singing and dancing ensembles in the regions, obtaining of computer equipment and furniture, supporting of cultural and educational events for all age groups as well as healthy lifestyle awareness campaigns, and many more.

However, responding to the actualities in the country, the foundation has made a decision to turn its focus to support the cancer patients. In year 2017 the Foundation registered a new name -”O fonds” and managed to start cooperation with a number of experienced professionals in the fields of diagnostics, science, therapy and palliative care. The partners of “O fonds” are the Center of Nuclear medicine -”Medvision” and Riga Stradins University. The Head of the Division of Palliative Care of RAKUS Vilnis Sosars is a Board Member and Consultant of “O fonds”. “O fonds” has also established a good cooperation with the Latvia Relief and Development Fund in Canada as well as with several enterprises in Latvia.

Further on “O fonds” seeks new fruitful partnerships to reach the goal of helping people suffering from cancer in Latvia.