Meklējam jauniešus, kas vēlas uzlabot sabiedrības veselību un ir motivēti strādāt vienotā komandā ar citiem Eiropas jauniešiem. Piesakies līdz 6. Martam!

The Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL) would like to announce the opening of the 2020 call for applications to join the ECL Youth Ambassadors for the European Code Against Cancer (ECAC) programme.

Given your interest in cancer issues, we would like to share this opportunity with you and kindly ask you to disseminate this call within your networks!

Do you know a youth leader, passionate about public health and willing to make a change in cancer prevention? Then, encourage them to apply!

The ECL Youth Ambassadors programme brings together students and young professionals from different backgrounds and countries interested in cancer prevention and motivated to share this enthusiasm with their peers across Europe. They represent ECL in their countries of residence and organise enterprising activities to promote and disseminate the ECAC at the national, regional and local level.
Call for 2020 Youth Ambassadors

In 2020, we are focusing on recruiting Ambassadors in underrepresented countries within the programme. We are looking for Ambassadors residing in the following countries: 

Andorra – Albania – Azerbaijan – Belarus – Croatia – Cyprus – Czech Republic – Denmark – Finland – Georgia – Germany – Iceland – Italy – Israel – Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan – Kosovo  – Latvia – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Malta – Monaco – Montenegro – Norway – Moldova – Romania – Russia – Sweden – Slovakia – Tajikistan – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan

For further information, please contact Adele at The deadline for applications is 6 March 2020! 
Application Form