The mission of “O fonds” is to provide financial support to people suffering from cancer to cover the costs of diagnostics and treatment.

In Latvia like elsewhere in Europe society ages and the number of people suffering from cancer increases. Each year about 11 000 inhabitants of Latvia discover that they have cancer. What shall I do? What therapy do I need? Will I live? These questions come across the mind of every person who learn about this disease. Unfortunately, in our country approximately 40% of cancer cases are revealed at the late stages 3 and 4, which makes treatment much more difficult or even impossible.

Why can’t we discover the disease earlier and why do people turn to the doctor so late? There might be several reasons, but often the reason is low income of a vast majority of population in Latvia, dramatically insufficient state support to medicine in general as well as lack of public awareness about the importance of early diagnoses and treatment.

Due to new and modern technologies, today also in Latvia it is possible to do early stage and very precise diagnosis of malignant tumors which allows to apply precise and adequate medical treatment to the patients. In Latvia we already are familiar with examinations by ultrasound and computer tomography. Today a high technology nuclear diagnostic equipment is available, too. It allows to locate the tumor very precisely in 3D format and to indicate its character, the level of aggressiveness and its distribution in the body. It takes just one examination instead of a number of different examinations, which in 30% of cases is critical for the selection of proper medical treatment.

Our neighboring countries Estonia and Lithuania have already included these examinations in the state program (the cost of one examination is about 1200 Euros) but Latvia is still in a negotiation process. Therefore, it is mostly through public support that medical treatment using modern and effective methods can take place.

To fight cancer successfully it is important to do as early diagnoses as possible, to apply up-to –date medical treatment methods and to use the new generation medicine. Unfortunately, due to the current economic situation in Latvia only small part of cancer patients can afford modern treatment methods. The aim of “O fonds” is to help people of Latvia with low income to do the necessary cancer examinations and start medical treatment as soon as possible.

Target donations

During the years 2005 – 2017 (12 years) “O fonds” (Kopienu iniciatīvu fonds) actively supported grass-root community initiatives, mainly in the regions of Latvia. Therefore “O fonds” will continue to carry out Target Donations in two most popular community initiative programs – ”Growth and Development of Communities” and ”Support to Seniors” providing financing for activities of NGOs in the fields of sport, education, health, culture and integration.

Presentation of “O fonds”


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